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At Motif, we create bespoke spaces that inspire and enhance the well-being of the inhabitants. To us, every project is a unique opportunity to create a stunning individual home or transform an existing space from the ordinary into the unforgettable. Whether we are balancing the new or conserving the old, we create spaces that honor the landscapes in which they occupy. Our enthusiasm for modern and contemporary design is balanced by our deep respect for Southern Texas’ history.

Every project starts with an open mind, a clean slate, and joyful anticipation for the design process. We encourage active participation from our clients and our contractors as we believe that co-creation sets the foundations for each vision.

Our breadth of experience and combination of architectural and design skills has led us to master complexities and challenges. We partner with a range of professional consultants, who provide invaluable advice from a variety of disciplines. Our love for providing a friendly, personal service, with a supportive hand, every step of the way is what sets us apart from the larger firms.


The end result: a home that is truly remarkable, just as you imagined.

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