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Let's design your dream home
in Apache Shores

Apache Shores is one of the earlier neighborhoods to be developed in the Lake Travis area. The narrow and steep roads that wind through the subdivision and take you past the mix of residential styles can make you feel like you’re driving through a small mountain town.

With a relaxed HOA and minimal design reviews, Apache Shores has morphed into an architectural playground. Apache Shores is an eclectic mix of homes that cover Texas Tuscan, Hill Country contemporary, craftsman, split level, shotgun, shed and just about every other residential style on the list.

We have partnered with extraordinary clients to bring their dreams to life

From our home office in Lakeway, we design distinctive homes that reflect the unique lifestyles, stylistic preferences, and aspirations of our clients.

When we take on a project, our client’s goals become our mission—whether we are creating a scenic lake house retreat from life’s daily stresses or a legacy property that will be passed down for generations.

Through the experience of working together, our clients often become our friends and continue to enlist our design expertise as their lives evolve.


Our partners at Motif guide clients through a structured three-phase process to thoughtfully plan, design, and oversee construction of their dream homes. During each step of the journey, our team works closely with project partners to collectively bring each residence to life.

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We have direct experience in the Apache Shores neighborhood. 

We understand that designing and building a custom home is a significant and often emotional experience for our clients. And we take seriously our role in making that experience as positive, transparent, and successful as possible. 


At Motif,  architecture isn’t about expressing our own egos or individual design preferences. It’s an opportunity to collaborate with clients as we translate their goals and aspirations into timeless structures that serve their families. We believe architecture should respect and be informed by its surroundings. As designers, it’s our responsibility to create spaces that honor the sites, landscapes, and climates where they reside.

"Homes and Lots in Apaches Shores have sold for less than $100,000 and up to $5 million for properties with Lake Austin frontage. You can find homes on level lots or homes perched on the ledge of a steep hillside. Land for building a new home is available, but the inventory of lots for sale has been on the decline as the sound of construction in Apache Shores has remained steady over the past few years." Learn more here

Looking to sell your property?
Develop your property?
Build a new home in Apache Shores?

Start with a Site Study

​A site analysis is an important step, as it helps clients determine whether construction on the site is viable and if there are any potential construction site issues. Completing an extensive site analysis will also determine if the development is financially feasible, as well as set the parameters for suitable designs based on the physical and environmental features of the site.


Your property is an asset, but unlike some assets with a fixed value, the worth of your property depends on how you develop it. Make the right choices on what you build and how you build it, and you may see its value soar. Make uninformed choices, and its value can plummet. Consequently, in-depth site analysis and feasibility study isn’t just a formality, it’s an essential part of maximizing the return on your property investment.

Presale Packages and Land Marketing

Presale packages are particularly important as they provide home buyers, investors and property owners with the opportunity to discover the options in selling or developing their land. We offer one more extra step, compared to most real estate listing.

Harnessing the expertise of Motif’s experienced team can maximize the potential of your site’s development plans and increase buyer interest. A great location is not enough, you need forward-thinking designs, a creative vision, and contemporary ideas to redefine the space from a site into a remarkable home. Showcasing the site’s full capability to interested buyers can increase the value of the site, ultimately boosting sales.

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Recent Projects

Check out some of our recent Apache Shores projects. We're ready to start your next dream home on lake. 


New Construction

Lakeway Lease House

Get to the garage, grab the boat and go for a ride in Lake Austin! A small leaseable project located in Lakeway.

14225 Hunters Pass Render 7_alt_small.jpg

Land Development


Pre-sale Lots

Architectural design and Land Development studies for various property owners in Apache Shores.

Coming Soon
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New Construction

Lake Austin Residents

The ‘Big Horn’ project is truly a home that has experiences beyond its four walls!

Big Horn Exterior 3.jpg

Learn More...


All Projects

Check out our other work in the greater Centeral Texas Area.

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Sell your lot or
Start your project
with a Site Study

Study your site by assessing potential areas of development through a series of analysis and planning exercises. We will collect information about slopes, soils, setbacks, easements, orientation, etc. to unlock the design potential of your land.


To get started, we will schedule a free consultation to visit your property and listen to your project requirements. Ultimately we will produce graphic exhibits, explaining the feasibility of your site, optimal locations and potential design solutions for a home that works with your lot's features (no against it).


While conducting the site analysis, we will also review the restrictions of your project site.  Such regulations that have been developed by the local municipality, including tree preservation, wild life protection, fire suppression and protected views. 

Our team at Motif, also collaborates with local builders, specialized engineers, real estate professionals and land developers, whom are very familiar with the area and market.

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Ready to Learn More?

Let's schedule a free consultation or visit your potential lot.

Thanks for contacting us! We'll be in touch soon.

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Don't hire a "Certified Building Designer"
Work with a licensed Architect.

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