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At Motif, we believe that quality craftsmanship is the foundation of every great project. All construction details are considered and managed during our thorough design process. You can be confident that by choosing us and our close team of fully licensed and insured professionals, you will be delighted by the end result.


Currently, we are not offering contracting or construction services to our clients, however, we are open to design-build partnerships with local construction firms in the greater central Texas hill country.

A True Design Build Experience

The Design-Build is a construction delivery method in which the architect and the building contractors work together to create the client’s bespoke space or residential development. By working as one team, the architects and contractors can together resolve any design or building challenges that may arise during the construction process. The dynamics of the process is enhanced when the team agrees on exclusivity and confidentially between the parties. A team that has a rich working history, or plans for future projects are often better at negotiating through build challenges to preserve the relationship.  

When our clients work with our team for end-to-end service, they can feel secure that they have a trusted team around them from day one, until handover. Our team is responsible and heavily experienced in managing both the design and construction components. In addition, by having a single management team, pricing changes are minimal and are usually isolated only to those instances where unknown conditions or client requests necessitate cost increases.

The Design-Build project delivery method is typically used for construction projects where the client has a clear idea of their design and functionality requirements prior to starting the design. However, this delivery method also has the added advantage of accommodating schedule constraints.  By incorporating early participation from the construction team, a streamlined design can be created to both produce the vision goals and any restrictive timelines that may exist.

As a crucial member of the team, the client’s high involvement is encouraged and welcomed as it increases efficiency and cooperation within the team, as well as the potential to minimizes costs. This increased collaboration reduces overall risk, strengthens relationships, and creates an enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

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we self preform some work too!

Key advantages of Design-Build include:


As a true design/build provider, the architect and contractor work together as one team to ensure project success. With a shared goal to maintain project integrity, the architect and the contractor cooperate throughout all stages and challenges of the project.


Communication between the architect and the contractor is more efficient in a Design-Build delivery. The united team-orientated approach avoids situations in which the design professional must engage in "defensive detailing" to prevent the possibility of claims. Design intent is communicated informally, and the design process itself is streamlined by seeking early input from subcontractors and vendors.


Design-Build is ideally suited to starting construction before the final design details have been finalized. By working as a team, a firm price and a completion date can be established and provided to the client prior to the completion of the design. By sharing information between all the parties involved, the price and timelines can be mutually agreed upon by the engineer and contractor based on how the design will be completed.

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