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mo·tif (noun)
a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic composition.

Motif Architects transforms spaces from the ordinary into the unforgettable. 

Our thoughtful architectural designs give life to your dream home visions, regardless of the project size.
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Meet the Team

At Motif, we are dedicated to providing bespoke and custom architectural services to create spaces that seamlessly connect people and place.

As a wife-and-husband team based in Texas, our ‘Southern charm’ is present in everything we do – it’s not just a way of thinking, it’s in our soul. We pride ourselves on making real connections with our clients by taking the time to genuinely understand their lifestyles and their ideal aesthetic visions. We believe in transforming dreams into reality.

We love what we do, and believe that our special blend of skills and experience can create extraordinary environments that are beautiful, functional, and best of all, elevate the lives of our clients.

Casey and Rachel bring a wide variety of experience to each and every client. After working with some of the largest architecture and engineering firms in the US, Motif Architects provides high quality deliverables by utilizing a professional approach.

Our Design Process

Located in Austin Texas, our Woman Owned boutique studio is a hive of creative energy that drives innovation and intelligent designs. We are a friendly husband-wife team that loves a challenge. Our natural desire to push creative boundaries and explore outside-the-box architectural designs is what sets us apart.

Our Southern charm is undeniable, we believe our best work comes from making real connections with our clients. We truly set out to understand our client's needs, lifestyles and aesthetic vision for their space.

At Motif Build, we know that even the smallest of details can make the biggest impact. It’s why we ensure precision in everything we do. Our unrelenting attention to detail allows us to collaborate with our clients to ensure that each project is as unique as its vision.

Motif Architects Lakeway Texas Austin Firm Architecture

Remote Collaboration

The pandemic has taught us that having a strong understanding of the project, a laptop and good internet connection is more important than where you are located.

Our team has several years of experience working with remote clients and local engineers, providing a seamless transition between the two. We'll be able to provide clients with all the knowledge regarding building codes and regulations not just in Austin, but in the surrounding area.

For our out-of-state clients, we can offer our services completely remote. Everything, including Client and Contractor meetings, design submissions and final documents can be completed using web-based tools such as Mural, Google Meet, and email. We are pleased to offer this service, however we still prefer face-to-face interaction.

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We are a team of creatives who love to collaborate. We use a variety of tools to communicate remotely too.
We're open to virtual meetings, texting, emails.. or just the causal check-in over the phone.
On occasion, it's best that we come to you so we discuss your vision. Our team can meet at your home, property or place of interest.
Confidential Clients

Over the recent years, more and more clients have asked to work in confidentially. This is becoming a new "norm" for high end clients transferring to the Austin area.

Our team is prepared to sign Non-Discloser Agreements (NDA) and other types of applications to protect our clients identities. Working with a small team makes this easy.

We also offer project management services for third party consultants, as in civil, structural, septic engineering.. to ensure projects remain confidential. For that reason, we will confirm that we have adequate fee and the expectations are understood before going into the project.


Please contact us for additional information and arrangements. 

Motif Architects Lakeway Texas Austin Firm Architecture


Our proposals are simple. After our initial consultation, we will review your project needs and share a draft proposal for review. This includes a clear list of deliverables, a proposed design schedule and breakdown of our fee.


Check out our blog for the latest tips, tricks, and happenings in our business and design.


List of Services

We offer clients a full range of services to fulfill all design needs. From initial concept to project close-out...


Get in Touch

Call, chat or utilize our online scheduling assistant to book a free consultation. Were excited to hear from you...

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