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Austin Dwellings

Our dwellings are designed to complement the Austin surroundings, whether that be the traditional urban neighborhoods, unique and vibrant new in-town neighborhoods, or even tranquil town lots fronting a spectacular river.

Our designs are fresh and imaginative, designed to draw inspiration from the surrounding Austin landscape whilst creating a sense of belonging to the community. As our roots are in Austin, we live and breathe this city; learning from the old Texas houses built on similar town lots over the last century. 

Our local knowledge and out-of-the-box innovative solutions allow us to maximize even small lot sizes by focusing on the shape and layout of the house.

Our goal is simple: create dwelling designs that have the soul of an older home, with all of the comforts and functionality of a modern home.

We’re passionate about great design in Austin. Because Austin is our home too.

  • Lake Travis

  • Lake Austin

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  • Auxiliary Dwelling Units

  • Townhouses

  • Leasable Homes

  • Home Renovation


Austin, a place we call home

You enjoy our vibrant city while we create something incredible.

We’ve got you covered.

Our team will oversee every detail, providing an end-to-end design service to create your dream home: from working with existing neighborhoods to liaising with the City of Austin, we will manage the entire building process from start to finish. We can even work with local contractors and specialized consultants too, so you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.


Design Elements for Suburban Architecture.

We believe a suburban dwelling house should enrich your urban lifestyle.  


Our architecturally designed suburban homes seamlessly integrate utility and creativity by maximizing land space and creating a sanctuary within the urban jungle. We don’t rely on cookie-cutter solutions for suburban designs, but rather create spaces that enrich the lifestyles of those who occupy the homes. We proudly accept a wide range of projects and enjoy creating bespoke homes, whether that be for growing families, entertainer delights, or home retreats.

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Fiber Cement Board Siding

Masonry is often required on exterior homes by Home Owner Associations and Architectural Design Committees. Masonry is available in many aesthetically pleasing forms, including stone and brick veneers, stucco, marbles, granites, concrete blocks, tiles, and others. The masonry is held together with mortar (sand bonded together) and the binding can be accomplished with cement, lime, dirt, or other substances to provide a cohesive appearance to the overall design.

To gain approvals by governing design boards, Motif generates simple exhibits, showcasing materials and percentages that often gain instant approval

Engineered for longevity and sustainability, fiber cement material stands up to the test of time. A strong and robust material, its remarkable durability allows it to resist harsh climates and does not crack or expand in extreme weather.


Fiber cement siding is designed to perform - it can withstand UV rays, snow storms, freezing temperatures, strong winds, hail, windblown debris and even blizzards and extreme heat. In the case of more acute disasters like a fire, fiber cement boards are non-combustible, and won’t ignite with direct flame exposure.


The siding also offers little appeal to critters and will not be eaten by termites. Due to its robust nature, many insurance companies offer a discount for homes containing fiber cement siding. Finally, opting for this siding material can be more economical and will improve the aesthetic value.

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Modern Application of Masonry

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Metal Panel and Wood Siding

There is a rich variety of materials available for homes and businesses to create a striking and memorable aesthetic. While most assume wood, cement, and drywall are the only materials, metal panels or facades are becoming increasingly popular with new designers and architects. Depending on the metal, these panels can be one of the most durable building materials currently available on the market.


The uses for metal panelling are broad; is ideal for both interior and exterior features, such as awnings, facades, and more. It can also be utilized as a robust alternative to decorative materials such as wood, plastic, and stone.

Wood siding is affectionately referred to as the ‘grandpa of architecture’ — full of knots, easily bent out of shape and been around for a while. It is very similar in its applications to other cladding materials such as metal and veneer. Wood siding is most commonly utilized as a ‘rainscreen’, meaning that it functions to keep moisture out of the building while protecting the rest of the wall package from damage.

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Related Projects

We've been working hard in the Austin area, and we're proud to share some of our recent projects. We're ready to help you make your dream home a reality.


New Construction

Lakeway Lease House

Get to the garage, grab the boat and go for a ride in Lake Austin! A small leaseable project located in Lakeway.

14225 Hunters Pass Render 7_alt_small.jpg


New Construction


Workshop Home

A workshop home that revolves around cars, motorcycles, and boats.

Motif Architects - Bowling Lane 2.jpg


New Construction

South Congress ADU

A cozy and compact auxiliary dwelling unit  located in the South Congress area.

Austin ADU - Exterior 1_web.jpg

Business and Construction Updates

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Lake Houses

Our lake house and waterfront plans are focused on panoramic views.


The designs take into account the land and water so that you can enjoy a full range view of your property from every room in your home.

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