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Motif Architects Barndominium Lakeway Austin Texas Design



New Design


Lakeway, Texas




Motif Architects

Hausman Homes


  • High bay Garage

  • Workspace

  • Metal Building Structure

  • Economical Finishes

  • Tree Preservation

  • Septic Field


In this modern world, as we move towards more affordable, compatible and reliable options of living, a new hybrid has been making waves. A barnodominium or barndo is a barn as well as a home, combined into one, serving every need of contemporary lifestyle. The idea of a workshop garage + apartment loft for a bachelor client, who wished for a quick and efficient structure, steered ‘Motif Architects’ to weave a barndominium - providing an economical solution with the structural framework pre-manufactured and installed on site, thus replacing conventional construction methods.

This project integrates an open concept two-story steel building inviting a spacious three-bedroom unit, exterior entertainment decks, a double height entry staircase and a wide garage for four cars under one roof. On just under half an acre of land in Lakeway, Texas, with a picturesque landscape of heritage trees and shrubs, the barndominium sits neatly, cherishing its surroundings. The design takes an alternative of removing attic space using a hip roof, lacing steel construction, using standard windows and doors, insulating walls and fitting pre-manufactured showers and septic systems.


Motif also engaged in coordinated discussions and reviews of drawings with the client along with the neighborhood architectural design committee and the city of Lakeway for permit documentation.

Motif Architects Barndominium Lakeway Austin Texas Design
Design Concept

The exterior form showcases a rectilinear plan rising two floors, faced by grey metal sidings, wooden soffits, framed black edges and a capped asymmetrical skillion roof (standing seam metal). The front facade is illuminated using a vertical LED strip, delivering a dramatic entrance. A solar roof, rain water and grey water capture systems, glow flow plumbing fixtures and high performance double-glazed windows add to the home’s sustainable configuration. Projected decks at the ground and first level, crafted by heavy timber construction with exposed metal guest plates, are safeguarded by stainless steel wire handrails.   


A full-fledged garage with durable finishes for extensive work incorporates car lift services, bench spaces for tools and equipment, a private restroom and can even accommodate boats and trailers. Stepping to the first level opens into an open living-kitchen that steps out to an outdoor patio with a dining table and a lounge sofa. The other half wing of the barndo, houses a primary bedroom with an attached bath and two bedrooms with a common bath. Large windows all around the home capture stunning views of the setting at all times of the day.

Motif Architects Barndominium Lakeway Austin Texas Design
Why Barndominium?

Nowadays, everyone is looking for an alternate way of living. Today, our focus for a home has shifted- seeking reasonable prices, saving time, withstanding weather, favoring customization,, and using durable materials to live in a modern day charm. A barndominium does all this.


Motif Architects have been in the forefront of erecting barndominiums in Texas. Their ideology has created distinct sheltered spaces, unique and exquisite with fine quality wood and steel.


Barnodominiums are quick and easy to install. There are even DIY kits available from basic to premium options, offering model homes with benefits. The prime perks of constructing a barndo would be its handy prices, long life, and resilience. Barndo homes are designed for low maintenance, and the metal form keeps it safe from termites, mold, fire and extreme weather conditions.

Since a barn home is novel to the market, it is hard to finance a loan or get approval for a mortgage; a barndominium is still viewed as a barn. But the future holds hope; as time changes, so does our living, lifestyle and needs.

Motif Architects Barndominium Lakeway Austin Texas Design
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