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We've worked with some of the best clients in Texas and we're proud to say that they love us back.


Our enthusiasm and passion for emotive designs along with our thoughtful, intelligent solutions are what keep our clients returning. 

Along with our relentless passion for client-centric design, a large portion of our clients return for repeat work because we fulfil our client’s end vision successfully, due to our deep understanding of and adherence to budgets, schedules, and scopes.

Over 17 years of commercial experience in industrial, retail, manufacturing and workplace solutions.

With a strong emphasis on co-creation with clients, Motif provides a wide variety of architectural services which collectively offer client efficiency, coordination, quality, expediency, and responsibility.

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Casey Johnson

Casey is an award-winning Architect capable of delivering a diverse range of commercial and residential projects.


Throughout his extensive experience, he has mastered two skills that, working in tandem, constitute the hallmarks of his architectural firm today: navigating often complicated, elaborate submission processes while pushing for groundbreaking design and execution. Quality and attention to detail are one of his biggest contributions to Motif’s commercial work.

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Rachel Paver

Rachel brings to Motif her large, diverse commercial background and portfolio.


She prides herself on building strong relationships with her commercial clients and being personally involved with every project. Rachel excels working with teams comprised of likeminded intricate and imaginative architects, engineers and industry experts who complement her skillsets, bringing new dimension and depth to every project the studio creates.

Designing dynamic commercial spaces and experiences, to authentic your brand and elevate your business.

We are passionate about creating engaging and experiential commercial spaces as well as revitalizing projects. Immersive experiences make spaces memorable, and a well-designed commercial space that magnifies your brand identity and values will inspire brand loyalty.

No matter your project — enhancing your office, creating a fresh co-working space, opening a business, or refining your manufacturing facility — our integrated design teams will approach your project from all angles to help you shine brightly in a crowded marketplace. We actively listen to your functional requirements, aesthetic, and operational concerns, as well as take the time to truly understand your district and ideal customers - all of which are essential in creating an unforgettable commercial space.

We understand the responsibility of the transformative role we play in the story of your business and take your budget and timeline seriously. Whether it’s updating an existing location, building or constructing in an entirely new location, whatever you’re envisioning, we’d love to help you bring your  commercial project dream into reality.

Let's Design Something 
Amazing Together

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Our Quality Control and Assurance program offers a substantial value-added service to our clients. It is not a simple system of checks-and-balances but represents a culture of quality. 

Our current project focus

No matter what stage in the project you need our help with, we are here with you; from feasibility to visioning, designing, permitting and construction. Wherever you’re starting from, we have the expertise to create an incredible facility with you.


We are currently focusing our commercial projects on  wineries, breweries, and industrial and retail projects. However, we are always open to other opportunities. Please contact us for additional information or to discuss your vision.


Office Warehouses

Motif has significant experience in undertaking office warehouse projects across Texas.


Our team understands and recognizes that office warehouse projects require meticulous attention to detail, and they may require specialized MEP systems or other technologies to efficiently fill the specific needs of their customers.

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Wineries & Breweries

From simple metal buildings to elegant tasting rooms, Motif offers a full range of design services to accommodate new and existing wineries and breweries operating in the greater hill country area.  

Motif collaborates with trusted engineering experts to provide safe, energy-efficient buildings and wine cellars. Our designers work hand in hand with you, to optimize your existing space while future-proofing the premises to account for long-term growth.


We are deeply aware that your facility and tasting rooms must reflect your brand’s style and mission. Our attention to detail and imaginative interior design will make visiting your facility a sharable and unforgettable experience. After all, these premises will be captured in photographs by you and your guests for years to come.


Retail Centers

At Motif, we strive to create environments where consumers feel connected to the brand. Each brand that Motif works with has a distinct vision and personality: we find out what it is and then bring that vision alive through our designs. We provide a collaborative approach that uses our clients' vision as a guide throughout our entire design process. This results in the creation of a meaningful and compelling experience for our clients’ and their customers across the country.


We thrive in providing ‘outside the box’ solutions and knowing the latest technology and industry trends. As part of our services, we consult with our clients to provide omnichannel solutions for their stores, from online order pick-up strategies to curbside pick-up facilitation and e-commerce amenities in the store.

Site Studies

We help developers study sites and unlock full potential

Our site analysis is a holistic deeper dive into your property. It examines any development issues relating to site location, size, topography, zoning, land restrictions and climate. The analysis also considers any future developments or changes to the site’s surroundings, such as a changing road designation, cultural patterns, or other future building developments.

Motif’s responsibility is to factor into consideration all the above-mentioned issues that may impact your site. Essentially we place all the pieces of the puzzle together to guide us in our decision-making and solutions.


By knowing all of the site’s issues, we can maximize the site’s potential, such as determining the best size and orientation of the building(s), and to address all other site elements, from circulation and parking to utility connections and landscaping.

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Construction Admin

We offer extended commercial services during construction.

Beyond drawings, Motif offers construction administration services to ensure your project meeting the design intent, quality and expectations established during the design phase.

Contact us for more information and ask about how we can help push your project across the finish line.

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