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We love Austin

We're an Austin based Architecture and Interior Design Firm

Specialized in New Construction
Interior & Exterior Renovation
Additions and Permit Documentation

Please take a moment to learn a few things about our new practice.


Small Team

Big Projects

Motif Architects is a small dynamic team with a big Southern heart operating in the central Texas hill country. We'll take intimidation away from the design process and provide tailored services to your specific need.


Our family team boasts 15+ years of experience with a diverse background in small and large project designs, specializing in out-of-the-box innovative solutions for both private residential and commercial projects. We're not just a group of Architects, Interior Designers and Builders.. we also invested into the local real estate.

You will find our creativity fresh and imaginative, designed to spark emotion and a sense of belonging to every space. Our architectural designs honor the environments of the site, respect the functionality of the space, and fulfil our client’s end-vision. Heck' you'll even have some fun too!


Client Referrals

Since Founded


Project Currently

Under Construction

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Check out our blog for the latest tips, tricks, and happenings in our business and project progress.


Under Construction

Lake Austin Residents

Lake House & Casita Design

Horseshoe Bay Luxury Estate

Residence and Pre-sale Package

Under Construction

Canyon Lake
Hill Country Modern

Luxurious Hill Country Estate


Lakeway Lease House
& Workshop Garage

For-Profit Home in Lakeway

The Hills of Lakeway Casita

Under Construction

A unique backyard casita located in The Hills of Lakeway. 

Developer Study

Capitalize on every leasable square foot by studying potential land developments.

Logan Street
Mixed Use Study

A proposed mixed-use development in Tecumseh Michigan.

Bee Cave Office Park

A modern, flexible office park located off Bee Creek Road and Highway 71.

Caldwell Warehouse Offices

Modern and Economical Warehouse Office project located on Caldwell Texas 

Now that you know 
who we are and 
what we do...

Learn more about us and how we practice architecture. 

Our heart is in the Central Texas Area

Motif has strong community ties in the greater central Texas hill country and is pleased to advance the common good by offering design opportunities to this region.


Our local knowledge and love for the region allow our team to focus on authentic residential and small commercial projects – the essential building blocks for creating a strong sense of community connection. 

While we are open to working anywhere, we have narrowed our services to the following communities:

Bee Cave
Largo Vista

Hudson Bend
Apache Shores

Point Venture


Dripping Springs
Johnson City
Blanco / Stonewall
Horseshoe Bay
Marble Falls
Canyon Lake
Round Mountain
Greater Hill Country

We help dreams come true by designing remarkable...

MOTIF Specialized Services-02-01.png

Lake Houses

We are a full-service, registered Architecture and Interior Design firm specializing in new builds, large-scale renovations and interiors using minimal and modern aesthetics. 

We proudly accept a wide range of projects and enjoy new design challenges and opportunities. Our work is inspired by an ever-growing body of influence and is therefore always developing, and always shifting with the times.


At Motif, we’re not interested in cookie-cutter solutions, but rather in spaces that are unique, beautiful, and functional. The hallmark of our work is not a particular style, but rather the quality of the space, the thoughtful material choices, and the attention to detail.

We bring commercial quality to every single project.

Commercial quality, every time:
each project undergoes an in-depth quality assurance and control process.

Our team is highly trained in technical detailing, life safety standards, and has a deep construction understanding. We bring years of formal education, apprenticeship and accreditation by the state to the table for each project.

In addition to ensuring your design intent is protected and maintained during construction, as your architect, we will ensure that construction best practices are implemented, and your project schedules are maintained.


We don't take shortcuts and we're not a drafting company. Since we take on a limited about of projects each year, we spend the time and do it right.

Motif Home Desk.jpg

We provide better coordination with Contractors by delivering advanced drawings, 3D models, and real-time computer simulations. 

Our team uses a highly advanced suite of design and coordination tools to delivery each project.

By using BIM management tools, including Revit, Enscape and Navisworks, our entire project team is working with the latest data and design solutions. This shared use of design and coordination tools eliminates potential clashes with other disciplines involved in the project completed – such as mechanical and electrical - and helps contractors develop accurate bids.

We also provide our clients with virtual reality visualization in the BIM environment.


This immersive form of visualization helps us all – designers, engineers, owners and investors – get a better understanding of the state of the project, existing conflicts, and unresolved issues. In projects requiring fundraising or marketing, we have been successful in providing tools for visual excitement and garnering investment support for projects.


More than your average small firm

As a boutique firm that specializes in precise designs with a heavy focus on detail, we have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality construction drawings, presentation exhibits, and 3D construction diagrams. We pride ourselves on our robust deliverables and have cultivated a design process that ensures the vision and aspiration of each project remain uncompromisingly intact from concept to completion.

Motif Proposal 2 _white.jpg

Communicate directly, clearly, and regularly with our stakeholders

It would seem like this would go without saying, but the key to a successful project is excellent communication. We begin every project with a transparent proposal that identifies the frequency of our design meetings, a simple breakdown of our fee, a list of your deliverables and a clear, defined understanding of the scope.

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Full Service

Our comprehensive range of design services will transform your vision into a reality. Let us help you create a space that is remarkable, unforgettable, and unmistakably you. 

78734 Architects

Design Process

Our vibrant and creative team of strategic and innovative experts are passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive. Learn how our process and specific services can help your business.

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Free Consultation

Do you have project aspirations and need to discuss the vision with an expert? Schedule a free consultation with us where we can offer you some design guidance and discuss the design, planning, and construction processes. 

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Graphic Design

We can provide a comprehensive range of graphic design and marketing solutions - all of which reflect the project’s brand down to the smallest detail.

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