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Bee Creek Office Park, a vibrant community hub where creativity thrives and small, local businesses flourish.


Bee Creek Office Park


Site Planning, City Coordination, Architecture and Interior Design 


Bee Cave, Texas




Motif Architects

Canfield Conners

Miller-Gray Engineering

Skg Engineers

KO Engineering

DWG Landscaping

Wet Rock Water Engineering

Scout Lighting Design



23,000 SF


  • Site Planning

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Permitting

  • Construction Admin

Adeptly ensconced among oak and cedar trees and adjacent to scenic lakes in the City of Lakeway, Texas, showcases a breathtaking development, neatly attuned and parallelly pruned to the Bee Creek highway. Bee Creek Office Park is a one-of-a-kind innovative commercial hub with well-knit spaces, crafted in modern architecture and integrating sustainable features.  

Rich in natural vegetation, woven with green belts and green pocket-scapes, Bee Creek Office Park designed by Motif Architects, revels as an industrial icon with its squarely defined edifice, offering a definitive maker space. Tailored to suit entrepreneurs and creative business folk, the spacious layouts and inventive planning showcase a unique commercial development, which will be the first of its kind in Lakeway, Texas.  A 22,056 sq. ft campus, with building sizes 1973 sq. ft & 1969 sq. ft, assembles in 4 groups with 3 buildings in each. These 12 buildings, identical yet aesthetically designed with distinct front facades, enrich their surroundings with a neighbourly vibe. 


"By embracing the natural surroundings, we've created an office park that not only enhances the environment but also fosters a deeper connection to the land for its tenants."

Bee Creek Office Park is not just a workplace but a retreat where nature's beauty inspires and rejuvenates, where innovation meets collaboration, and where the community comes together and businesses bloom. 

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Each building unit is like a blank canvas, flexible for businesses to brand their own identity and cultivate the spatial format in a way that works best for them. 


The picturesque setting of Lakeway, lush in abundant greens, unravels a tranquil setting for the office park. The buildings spiced in industrial grey-themed design with black mullions and glazing at the front along with a slope that leads to the back of the property, establish a strong sense of trust, aiding businesses to showcase conviction.


Every interior space hauls a trendy outlook, embracing a faithful fabric with white and grey walls, open ceilings, pine wood fit-outs and comfy furnishings.   

Built to last, the use of durable materials and smart technologies minimizes maintenance and reduces environmental impact, creating a sustainable and vibrant business hub for generations to come. This forward-thinking development of the Office Park symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of commerce, nature, and community, enriching the fabric of Lakeway with its innovative approach to commercial workplaces.

Direct Lake


Site Design

Trailing the linear stretch of the highway, the site sits abutting a frontier of trees and adjacent to the renowned Lake Travis Middle School. As designers, we worked with the challenging topography of the site, drawing inspiration from the natural setting and allowing xeriscaping and vegetation in various provinces of the property.  

An elongated green patch between the highway and the site forms a natural boundary, along with intermittent green pockets between the buildings. At its plan level, in the forefront is an extended long driveway with parking. This courses into the cluster pockets between the units, and weave additional parking zones. However, our team aimed to minimize parking and maximize green spaces, to eventually ebb the environmental impacts. During the initial stages of planning, our design team engaged with the city and community stakeholders for pre-approvals and ultimately paved the way to envision a unique commercial development that serves local businesses, upholds community values and preserves the natural landscape.


Through early engagement with local stakeholders and regulatory bodies, the project amiably adheres to its setting, respecting the natural topography and enhancing the enveloping ecosystem. 

Concept Design

Our vision was to cultivate an innovative business hub, encourage collaboration among inhabitants, infuse a rugged charm, and honor the natural features of the terrain. The office park incorporates an industrial theme and an open floor plan on a single story, knitted around a central restroom/kitchenette core. The adaptable plan is divided into public and employee areas and can be branched into two tenant spaces by conceiving a wall.

The design unveils a flexible universal office space, seamlessly connecting indoors and outdoors and enhancing the spatial quality by fetching natural light and a green atmosphere into the building. With materials such as burnished concrete blocks, exposed steel, local limestone, corten steel, wooden slats, handcrafted tiles, and brass fittings, we have tailored the office park with an affluent appeal.

The design also addresses sustainability by effectively employing strategies such as sunlight filtering, rainwater collection, and low-flow plumbing to minimize environmental impact. Reducing building footprint and implementing energy-efficient features like LED lighting and automated controls, add to the eco-friendly aspects and cost-effectiveness.


The integration of biophilic design elements and inviting ample natural light advocate a healthy and productive workplace that also prioritizes its occupant's well-being. These initiatives, weave intelligible and inspiring spaces for businesses to thrive.

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Construction Drawings

In the Construction Documents phase, we draw highly detailed plans and specify everything in the project so that the General Contractor can price the design and build the project. Naturally, we collaborated with both the owner and contractor to review the constructability and engineering of the project.


Our detailed drawings show various relationships between materials, aesthetic details, and coordination information for the various trades.


Schedules and specifications document products, types, quantities, and performance criteria of various components of the project.

Omni Block

The Omni-Block system, which features exposed concrete masonry walls, is an innovative method for the exterior envelope. The insulated cores of this system exceed energy code requirements, thus reducing the need for gypsum board on interiors and saving on construction labor and time.

“With collaboration between Omni-Block and a local concrete plant, Texas Building Products - We meticulously evaluated various samples and customized mixes to align with the design vision.


The block system, virtually maintenance-free, facilitates swift installation, reducing labor requirements. Consequently, construction proceeds faster—eliminating the need for wall studs, sheathing, waterproofing, gypsum wallboard, paint, and wood trim—benefiting both developers and investment groups.

Project Managment

Our expert experience in large- and small-scale project management allows us to provide creative solutions during each project.  We offer end-to-end project management by communicating and coordinating with other trades, including civil, structural and MEP engineering consultants to make the process as seamless and smooth as possible for our clients.

Architects serve as the central coordinators between various stakeholders—engineers, contractors, and clients. They bridge the gap between creative design and technical execution. During this project, we collaborated closely with civil, structural, m.e.p. and water engineers. Their role is to ensure that the design aligns with engineering requirements. 

Motif Architects also created a detailed project schedule, tracking milestones and deadlines. Our vigilance ensures that design phases progress smoothly, avoiding delays that can impact the overall construction schedule. We made informed decisions about materials, finishes, and construction methods to stay within budget. Our team's expertise helps strike a balance between design aspirations and financial constraints. 


Motif's ability to harmonize creativity, engineering, and practicality contributes significantly to the project’s overall success.

Ease of Construction

The design of the office park integrates insulated concrete masonry block, conventional storefront systems, exposed HVAC, and steel structure, thus minimizing trades needed for hefty construction. This accelerates the construction schedule and reduces the overall development costs, yielding high returns for investors.

New Client Base

With Bee Creek Office Park, we aim to introduce a new client base strategy, by focusing on providing smaller, free-standing office buildings for rent, complete with full interior fit-outs. This approach accelerates leasing opportunities and offers distinctiveness in the market. We aim to attract businesses seeking bespoke office spaces with a spirited and collaborative community setting.

Blank Canvas

The interiors of the office park offer endless possibilities for customization. Each space is like a blank canvas, empowering tenants to craft and polish it to their specific needs. Additionally, every unit comes equipped with an exposed ceiling, sleek light fixtures, and fully furnished reception, work zones, meeting rooms, restrooms and other employee areas, delivering comfort, functionality and integrity from the moment anyone steps in.

Employee Areas

Our visionary craft of the office park extends to the employee areas, where high-end finishes elevate the workspace experience. Resorting to raw materials such as steel plates and bamboo wood, the interiors are composed with a refined charm. From sleek work counters to stylish reception desks and work tables, these premium finishes add sophistication and warmth, enhancing the overall workplace ambience for employees and visitors alike.


The kitchenette carves an elegant layout, gracefully sequestered into a niche within walls. Tenants have the option to develop the space to accommodate either a small refrigerator with a storage closet for compact efficiency or a full-size refrigerator with expanded capacity. These adaptable design variations ensure that every tenant can optimize the kitchen layout according to their priorities.

Elegant Restrooms

The walls boast large, light-colored tiles, establishing a sense of cleanliness and openness. These tiles align perfectly with the minimalist aesthetic, emphasizing simplicity.


On one side, a vertical wooden slat wall introduces a touch of warmth and texture. The natural grain of the wood beautifully contrasts with the smooth tiles, creating visual intrigue.


This wooden feature extends upward, seamlessly integrating with the ceiling. The vertical continuity enhances the room’s perceived height and overall spaciousness, making it an inviting and straightforward restroom.

This bathroom achieves a harmonious blend of form and function, perfect for those seeking understated elegance

Bee Creek Ext. 11.jpg

Three Alternative Themes

To engage prospective tenants and facilitate their vision of the space, as designers, we have meticulously crafted three distinct design schemes for the office park. At an organizational level, the first scheme comprises a corner entrance leading to an open reception that extends to a public discussion room at the front. Separated by a central restroom and beyond is a fully open workspace area for the employees.

The second iteration splits the entire unit into two halves, with two entries at the front and offering the same amenities inside with half the spatial dimensions.

The third layout crafts a fully occupied space with full-fledged partitions between reception and meeting hall at the front along with two separate cabins and workzones beyond the central restroom.


Individual Identities

Each vision offers a unique aesthetic and ambience, inheriting varying versatility and succinct style. From modern minimalist themes to rustic industrial motifs, and even vibrant eclectic styles, these schemes cater to a range of preferences and business identities.


Importance of Office Spaces

Office space plays a pivotal role for start-up companies and small businesses, serving as the physical embodiment of their concept, culture, and brand. At Motif Architects, we understand the significance of these spaces firsthand, being a small business ourselves. Our design projects for these companies hold a special place in our hearts, as we empathize with their entrepreneurial journey and share their passion for innovation and growth.


As our world shifts towards more remote work and with the growing demand for downsizing, the need for flexible office spaces has been on the rise. Our design team takes pride in envisioning workspaces that not only accommodate the evolving modern essentials, but also inspire creativity, collaboration, and productivity. We believe that by delivering flexible and adaptable spaces, we empower small businesses to flourish in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, fostering their success and contributing to the enthusiastic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Finish Boards

Raw steel, wood slats and handcrafted tile.. our favorite palette of finishes.

It is an important step in the design process to present finish boards to clients and investors. These boards help to illustrate the look and feel of the selected materials and their combinations. They portray the overall theme and it helps in figuring out if the palette works with the client's requirements and investors' budget, before moving forward with the construction documents..

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