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Pre-Sale &
Land Marketing

Presale packages are a fantastic opportunity for investors and property owners looking to sale or develop their land. With eye-catching presale studies, easily earn more views / saves by marketing the listing's full potential.

Presale packages are particularly important as they provide home buyers, investors and property owners with the opportunity to discover options for selling or developing their land.

As a local architect, we offer free consultation which builds confidence in buyers. We have perfected the art of unearthing the hidden potential at every location. Whether you are looking to build a home or an addition, or even sell your existing lot, our discerning eye can help you showcase the site’s full potential.

Harnessing the expertise of Motif’s experienced team can maximize the potential of your site’s development plans and increase buyer interest. An excellent location is not enough, you need forward-thinking designs, a creative vision, and contemporary ideas to redefine the space from a site into a remarkable home. Highlighting the site’s full capability to interested buyers can increase the value of the site, ultimately boosting sales.

Our approach is open and collaborative, and we thrive on building long-term relationships with developers and builders. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide expert advice and innovative vision to our clients within the urban and hill country of Texas.  

We are stronger together.

By collaborating as a united team, the investor, seller and architect can all benefit from working together. When we combine our unique skill sets, we can individually and collectively enhance any project.

As designers, we can contribute by bringing the client’s dream vision to life – by ultimately creating a home that enriches their lifestyle. We do this by co-creating with our clients and engineers to manifest a conceptual design.


Our visions, along with the investor and seller’s contributions will demonstrate to your clients that they are working with a professional and trusted team. The end result will be an increase in property value and economic gain for the stakeholders involved.


By nurturing a seller-investor-architect relationship, we will in turn recommend the services of those we work with to our own clients.

Land: the canvas for great ideas.

Potential buyers need to imagine the impossible with their site. We help design spaces that brilliantly capture the essence of the surrounding environment and are both aesthetically beautiful and functional.


By engaging with our pre-sale services, professionals - such as real estate agents and property owners - can showcase our 3D rendering, architectural drawings, and brochures to potential buyers. Our designs help potential buyers understand the true value of the land and imagine all the possibilities available.


In addition, we can engage directly with potential buyers to provide them with animations and virtual reality of their future designs, helping them visualize their homes before construction even begins.


Our extensive knowledge and connection to industry experts can also be of assistance. We are open to providing recommendations of professionals and consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the local area and restrictions

Motif Architects Austin Texas Pre sale Marketing Package

Owners and realtors benefit, every time.


Understanding the site’s surrounding environment is essential for selling or developing your land. It ultimately influences where and how you build on your land. At Motif, our services include conducting site evaluations and space audits to help select the right premises to suit your potential development requirements.


Knowing the regulatory restrictions is also integral for selling and developing land. We specialize in developing effective design concepts that meet the requirements of planning policies and legislation. Site features such as topography, soil conditions, and vegetation can all affect the amount of site work necessary to build a project. It is therefore essential to analyze the site and select an appropriate location whilst being mindful of how these site elements will influence the future home design.


A design concept is essentially the big-picture idea for the project. It showcases the overall design intent and guides the project team. Completing a design concept protects the project’s integrity and provides direction for everyone from the early schematic design phase all the way through to construction.


A solid design concept that is cohesive and unified, ensures all future decisions can be easily completed. A comprehensive, well-thought-out design concept removes the stress and effort in the long term as all of the more complex decisions (such as project expectations and requirements) have already been finalized.  

Our listings boost views and potential buyers, resulting in a faster sell.

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