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Canyon Lake 
Garage Workshop Expansion


New Design


Lakeway, Texas




Motif Architects


  • Purpose Build

  • Family Expansion

  • Matches Existing Home

  • Economical Finishes

  • Open Spaces

  • Boat and UTV Storage


906 SF Existing Garage

3,306 SF Garage Addition

1,994 SF Guest Suite 


The two-story addition includes enlarged family spaces, a new master suite, and functionality to an existing garage - all without compromising the character of the original vacation home.

This project includes an expansion to the existing 906 SF garage, adding over 3,300 SF of storage and workshop space. Ideally for country homes, large workshop garages house wakeboard boats, UTV's, 4 wheelers, motorcycles and whatever adrenaline fueled toys that you can imagine. 

The second story is compromised of three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large family space. Each room had specific requirements by the client, which accommodates their children and grandchildren needs. Ample space in each bedroom allows for double twin bunkbeds, storage for suitcases and children needs and easy access to bathrooms.

The kitchen and family rooms are divided by a freestanding, oversized island containing storage on one side and decorative panels with extra electrical power connections on the other. Multipaned doors on kitchen cabinets suit the period of the house and add depth to cabinet-lined walls. Additional storage is tucked into the corridors, including a pantry space.

Lake focused Deck

The garage addition, which acknowledges the home's traditional styling, includes a one-story deck offering easy access to the outdoors and views to the lake. This one features newels inset with planters to soften the transition between interior and exterior.

Design Concept

Repetition of architectural features is key to a well-designed addition. Otherwise unnoticeable elements can clash, if they're of two completely different materials or design styles. Carefully consider all building elements on the original structure, including windows, trim, doors, gutters, lighting, and hardware. If the house features double-hung windows, for instance, don't install swing-out casements in the addition.

Concern yourself not only with how the addition will look from the outside, but what the outside will look like as viewed from the addition. Design, place, and orient yours to take advantage of striking views -- and so that it will look good when viewed through the windows of the original house.

This specific project included barrowed elements from the existing garage, house and pool cabana. As request by the client, a high pitched roof helps transition the second story apartment into the existing garage roof lines. The red stucco and trim, windows, shutters and siding compliments the original house. 

Large bay garage doors allow the owners to store their boat and recreations equipment during the winter and also provide plenty of fresh air while working in the shop space.

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Why Additions and Expansions?

Does a new addition to your family have you thinking of a new addition for your house? Has your home business outgrown your kitchen table? Or maybe you need to open your home to an elderly relative who can’t navigate the stairs of your center-hall colonial. The fact is, our lives change—but our houses don’t, at least not on their own. If you want to stay in your home as your life progresses, you’ll probably consider remodeling.

Whether you’re adding a bath, enlarging a kitchen or doubling the size of your house with an addition, remodeling usually involves money, lots of planning, and often more than a little stress. It can also raise many questions beyond design and other choices, such as what tile to use on the new bathroom floor. 

Whether you’re redoing a room or planning a whole-house remodel, an architect can be a sound investment. 

Remodeling a home is a big undertaking, but a well-planned home addition will pay for itself time and time again. Boost your home's value and extend its square footage with an impactful home addition. Maximize your investment by selecting the perfect materials and details to enhance your home's value and character.

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