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Dripping Spring Home Rennovation Design Permit Documents Motif Architects

Dripping Springs Refresh




Dripping Springs, Texas


2022 - 2023


Motif Architects

13th Level Structural 


  • New Deck Design

  • Upgrades Exterior Features

  • Preliminary Landscape

  • Economical Finishes


  • As-Built Survey

  • Interior Design

  • Permitting

  • Consultant Coordination

  • Construction Support

"Like old wine in a new bottle, the blend of modern and vintage style acquaints a soulful harmony to the residence”

"Take a drink and sit by the open outdoor deck as you watch a scenic sunset and wind your day in tranquility."

Modern Refresh

Renovating a home is a rejuvenating process that begins with working at its core to handling the interior and exterior outlook. What does the residence stand for? What is its history? What is the nature of the family that resides in it?


Understanding the heritage of the residence, its vernacular construction techniques, and the materials that bind it together along with current modern design, were the initial thoughts that drove ‘Motif Architects’ to contemplate and re-envision the residence.


Design Concept

West Cave residence tells a story of transformation, tucked away in the tantalising green setting of Dripping springs, Texas, known for scenic landscapes, rolling hills and with a unique downtown for coffee and brewpubs. Perfectly positioned on a three-acre land and oriented to scenic vistas of heritage trees and a small creek, the residence exudes a ‘Tudor style cottage’ look upon first glance. The exterior faced with square stoned masonry, using local Austin limestone, was preserved by the architects, and two levels of outdoor decks were stacked towards the northern fascia.


Modernizing the structural elements and bringing a contemporary theme into the interiors have carved a trendy perspective to the existing home. The client desired of a home to entertain his family and friends, and the fresh additions rightfully serve the setting for it.

Dripping Spring Home Rennovation Design Permit Documents Motif Architects
New Deck

The additional two story decks connected by an external staircase offer the perfect spot to hang out with friends and family. The deck integrates a roof extension with a wooden soffit, enriching the country house ambience. Robust timber work frames the deck façade with exposed metal guest plates and stainless-steel wire handrails that bind a tight security all around the deck.

Design Process

Upon discussion with the client on overall renovation, current style and trend of design, the architects scooped in a detailed, measured layout of the existing residence. Weaving the design on 3D software, demolition documents were developed, while focusing on minimizing wastage. After several discussions with the client, coordinated meetings with the neighborhood design committee and reviewing various design options, the new design was developed to fruition.



The existing master and guest bathrooms, along with the laundry room, were demolished and redesigned with all the latest fixtures nestled in a more spacious layout. Frameless glass partitions, floating vanities and LED backlights along with elegant tile finishes are a few of the elements composed within.


The residence showcases a well-crafted plan with a two-car garage, a kitchen and an open living-dining that steps onto the first deck on the ground level. Two bedrooms along with a master bedroom with attached baths sit on the first level, that opens to the second outdoor deck. 


Exterior windows, doors and light fixtures were updated to match a modern farmhouse theme. The existing siding was revamped using vertical board and batten along with ship lap fibre cement boards. The old composite roof was remodeled using standing seam metal roofing, bringing a more durable and weather-tight system for the home. Local landscaping (xeriscaping) was suggested around the dwelling along with deer resistant species.

Dripping Spring Home Rennovation Design Permit Documents Motif Architects
Dripping Spring Home Rennovation Design Permit Documents Motif Architects
As-Built Drafting Services
Missing or don't have existing floor plans (blueprints) of your project?
No problem.
Residential and mid-size Commercial renovation or remodeling projects often require CAD As-Built drawings. Obtaining quality as-built drawings is crucial for architects, contractors and owners who are planning to have a property undergo construction or renovations work. Measured drawings are the essential first step on the journey to the completed project. 
Schedule a free consultation using our online application. We are more than happy to visit your property, discuss potential solutions, and start tailoring a plan to successfully start your project. 

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