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Modern Prairie Home - Int 6.jpg

Horseshoe Bay
Golf Villa


Design and Construction Documentation 


Marble Falls, Texas




Motif Architects


4,938 SF


  • Open floor plan w/zones

  • Guest Suite

  • Entertainment focused

  • Multiple Outdoors Spaces

  • Sustainable Features


  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Marketing

  • Rendering

Prepare to be amazed by this stunning and expansive villa in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. This home offers a unique and spectacular experience of living in a community that blends nature, luxury, and adventure. 

The location has a little bit of everything, from fine dining, shopping, local airport, and excellent resorts. It is the perfect place to relax for a weekend long getaway, purchase a vacation home, and to retire.

It’s time to ease yourself on the sun loungers and relax by the pool and enjoy the views of the fairway.

Being set in a location that is renowned for golf courses, recreational outdoor activities and near to wineries, distilleries and breweries, the residence showcases an inviting facade with various outdoor entertainment spaces such as decks, pool, patios, fire-pit and backyard garden spaces. 

Horseshoe Bay Map-01.jpg

Located outside of Marble Falls, this resort-style community offers you incredible options like golf, boating, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Enjoy the quaint fairway experience kissed with tranquility!  

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Modern Prairie Home - Int 4.jpg
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A magnificent golf villa home, a dream come true.    


This is a home that embraces nature and offers 4938 sq. ft of living space. It has four luxurious bedrooms, four baths, office space, and lively outdoor spaces. The house has a modern design that combines different volumes and sloped roofs at various heights.

The house is also equipped with smart home features, audio-video systems, built-in grills, marble counters, ash flooring, and limestone veneer accent walls. These are some of the details that make this project unique and sophisticated

Direct Lake


Plan Design

Motif architects designed the house with the surrounding landscape in mind. They preserved the natural environment and created a unique floor plan that maximized the shaded and outdoor areas and the scenic views.

The house is perfect for hosting guests who want to enjoy the pool, the golf course, and the hill country charm. There is an outdoor patio with a built-in kitchen and a large dining table for feasting. The house also has cozy spots to relax under the trees or on the decks, and admire the sky.

The client insisted on crafting a functional home with an entertaining lifestyle, and the architects re-designed the original design to bring together a fabulous countryside home

Site Design

Enjoy the scenic drive through the charming and curvy roads, surrounded by majestic oak trees and greenery. A spacious driveway welcomes you to a sprawling property with a lovely garden dotted with oaks.

The lot is situated on the Ram Rock golf course, a short distance from the LBJ Lake and the Horseshoe Bay amenities.

As you approach the house, a two-car garage with modern amenities is all you need for your motor needs, including parking for a golf cart. 

The house is strategically positioned on the site to capture the stunning views of the fairway, includes full height windows and glass doors that create a transparent and open feel, and allow you to enjoy the views of Horseshoe Bay.

Motif Architects - Modern Prairie Home - Site Plan with Lables_web.jpg
Modern Prairie Home - Ext 4.jpg
Design to fit the land.

Motif is a team of experts who design custom homes that blend in with the Texas Hill Country landscape.

Our clients appreciate our passion for designing homes that reflect the traditional, vernacular, and classical architecture of the region. We listen to their dreams and goals for their home, and create solutions that suit the unique features of their site.

We have designed homes for various sites, such as country ranches, estate lots, rivers, and lakes. We also design barns and accessory buildings, master plans for ranches and vacation compounds, and some commercial projects. No matter what the project is, we design each building with the southern charm of Texas that we love.

Hill Country Modern Elevations

Incorporating the most durable materials and construction techniques that your budget allows will help your home withstand the test of time. While the outlay for the initial cost for robust, quality materials is higher, this approach will safeguard your home by increasing its longevity, and will simultaneously build character.

The exterior elevations combines stucco, limestone, ship lap fibre cement board with composite wood decking and metal standing seam roofs. Various-sized accordion windows usher natural light into the spaces within and extend outdoor living into the home.


An expressive framework of timber columns and beams, metal-framed windows and doors, and exterior stone facings in an otherwise white-themed composition weave the house with exceptional uniqueness.

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Modern Prairie Home - Int 11.jpg
You enjoy the views while we get to work.

As a bespoke home designer and residential architect located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Motif believes that situational context is paramount in new home designs.


Our architectural choices are guided by regional influences and the diverse cultures that have shaped the Texas Hill Country and the greater Austin area. The rugged beauty and complexity of the land, as well as our respect for the deep local history, inspire our authentic and custom home designs.

Design elements to Modernize your Golf Villa.

By respecting the larger context of the surrounding golf society, we carefully position the home and other landscape features to create an idyllic homestead. By enhancing the situational context of a building within the landscape, a story can unfold in the design. The end result is a house that feels like a continuation of the golf lifestyle and landscape – as if has been there since the beginning.

We love Hill Country Homes

The Texan Hill Country is like no other.


It's an area of rolling limestone hills, relaxing vineyards, and auburn-colored soil that inspires creativity in the hearts of those who live there.


The architectural designs of these dwellings are as diverse as the landscape itself - boasting traditional features, it mixes authentic and rustic designs with modern needs. They feature clarity of circulation; natural light and a harmonious connection between indoor and natural outdoor spaces. Sensibly designed buildings that include covered porches; appropriate scale; careful massing; clear hierarchy; natural materials; and respect for the building site.

Not only do we design golf houses...
We also spend a lot of time on the fairway too.

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Modern Prairie Home - Ext 6.jpg
Modern Prairie Home - Ext 3.jpg

Family Space

The home has a spacious and natural lit interior, with a large family area at the center of the house, connected to a kitchen and dining area. The two suites of the house have bedrooms that offer scenic views.

You enter the home through an oversized foyer that leads you to the main living area. Here, you can enjoy a cozy and luxurious atmosphere, with a large concrete and wood fireplace, wine cabinets, a tv unit, and a comfortable leather sofa set. The living area also has stylish black-framed light fixtures that add a trendy touch.​


This kitchen is a bright and airy space with a high ceiling that enhances the openness. The white and wood color scheme creates a harmonious and elegant atmosphere, while the black accents provide some contrast and sophistication. The kitchen is illuminated by natural light from the large windows and artificial light from the pendant lights. The kitchen also boasts high-quality stainless steel appliances, including a double oven and a built-in refrigerator.

The cabinetry is a light ash wood color that complements the white walls and countertops. The countertops are made of honed marble that adds a touch of luxury and refinement. The island has decorative wood paneling that gives it a sleek and contemporary look. The island also has open shelving and seating for four people, making it a perfect place to cook, eat, and socialize. The kitchen offers a stunning view of the golf fairway in the background, adding to the charm and appeal of the space.

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Modern Prairie Home - Int 6.jpg
Modern Prairie Home - Int 5  fix.jpg
Modern Prairie Home - Int 1 fix.jpg

Accordion Windows

​The windows in this house are amazing and practical. They can open up the space and create a smooth transition between the inside and outside. The indoor rooms can adapt to different layouts and connect with the outdoor scenery.

Both the family room and dining area have accordion windows that can fold and unfold to merge the indoor and outdoor areas. The dining room can access the outside kitchen directly through the windows and enjoy the view as part of the interior design.

The living area leads to a large outdoor deck that steps down to a stunning swimming pool and garden. There is also an outdoor deck on a higher level, where you can admire the beautiful lake and the stars.

Prarie Home Finish Board.jpg
Mock-up Mood Boards

The interior design of this house is warm and rich, using a combination of stone, wood, and metal finishes, as well as white, shades of green and blue tones.

By using natural materials, the house pays tribute to the Hill Country heritage and also adds a timeless charm, depth, and texture to the new construction. The house also features salvaged antique materials and brass hardware, which give the house a cozy feel and a sustainable edge, as they prolong the life of those reclaimed elements.

Virtual mood boards were created to help illustrate the material selection and other suggested combinations.

Modern Prairie Home - Ext 7.jpg
Modern Prairie Home - Ext 8.jpg
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