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Modern Workshop


New Design


Lakeway, Texas




Motif Architects

Alaska Engineering

Delcon Environmental


  • Economical Build

  • Garage Workspace

  • Metal Panel Facade

  • Durable Finishes

  • Tree Preservation

  • Septic Field

Are you someone whose life revolves around cars, motorcycles, and boats?

Then this home is all you need.

For those who are seeking a contemporary lifestyle with something economical and easy to maintain, this home is your affair.


The dwelling, designed by Motif Architects in traditional wood frame construction with metal panels, takes shape with the idea of a workshop garage + apartment on a lakeside for young homeowners who wish for a quick, durable, and affordable home.

“This project is designed to cater to a variety of individuals, such as weekend warriors, hobbyists, welders, mechanics, fabricators, blacksmiths, and anyone with a mechanical aptitude. It is suitable for any style of work.”

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The project showcases a beautiful two-story house with an open-concept design that includes a spacious two-bedroom unit, a large living cum kitchen space, and a wide garage that can accommodate upto four cars. Settled on a .35-acre lot in Lakeway, Texas, surrounded by stunning heritage trees and shrubs, make for a picturesque lifestyle. 

Thoughtful and meticulous design by the architects configures a geometric boxed volume capped by a flat roof, with large windows ushering natural light and providing scenic views. The architects worked closely with the client, the neighbourhood architectural design committee, and the city of Lakeway to ensure that all permit documentation was appropriately reviewed and well-coordinated.

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Design Concept

Located adjacent to an existing industrial park, the exterior showcases a sleek, modern look with a rectilinear plan rising two floors, attired in grey metal siding, panels, and wooden soffits. The minimalistic character of the front facade, with nuanced projections and variations, exposes a modest and warm entrance. Solar panels, rainwater and greywater capture systems, glow flow plumbing fixtures, and high-performance double-glazed windows add to the home’s sustainable configuration.


The property boasts a fully equipped garage with sturdy finishes, perfect for extensive work. It includes spaces for tools and equipment, a storehouse, and an additional space below the stairs. 

Moving to the first level, you'll find an open living + kitchen area that becomes the heart of the abode, where friends and family can gather. The other half of the property features a comfy primary bedroom with a study, an attached bath, and a spacious walk-in wardrobe. Alongside is a guest bedroom with a compact closet and a shared bathroom between the living. Relax on the lounge sofa and gaze into the expansive windows that showcase breathtaking vistas of the surroundings from dawn to dusk.

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Why Workshop Homes?

Nowadays, everyone is looking for an alternate way of living. Today, our focus for a home has shifted- seeking reasonable prices, saving time, withstanding weather, favoring customization,, and using durable materials to live in a modern day charm. A workshop home does all this.


Motif Architects have been in the forefront of erecting workshop homes and detached garages in Texas. Their ideology has created distinct sheltered spaces, unique and exquisite with fine quality wood and steel.


Workshops are quick and easy to build, ranging from basic to premium options with benefits. The prime perks of constructing a workshop would be its handy prices, long life, and resilience. These type of projects are designed for low maintenance, and the metal form keeps it safe from termites, mold, fire and extreme weather conditions.

"A stunningly crafted abode with modern amenities essential for a trendy craftsmen lifestyle.”

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