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Horseshoe Bay Water Home


Design and Presale Marketing Package


Marble Falls, Texas




Motif Architects

TXS Painted Skye


5,100 SF House


  • Lady Bird Lake

  • Open floor plan

  • "Flex" Space

  • Entertainment focused


  • Site Planning

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Permitting

  • Consultant Coordination

Tugging the banks of Lake LBJ in Marble Falls and perpendicularly aligned along the scenic curve of Broken Arrow road is a spectacular residence, finely chiseled in a sleek avatar and habituating modern features.

Nestled in a delightful waterscape with blooming natural vegetation all around, the Water Home designed by Motif Architects is a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive contemporary dwelling tailored to unwind, groove and chill.

Water Home presents a leisure living canvas, with spaces expertly arranged in three levels on a terrain that runs down to a stunning lake. Sailing through the winding arcs of the waterway, you arrive at a boat deck protruding from the house. From the lake, the residence imparts a majestic vibe, with its upper tiers flaunting their terraced sun decks like a magnificent yacht in a harbor. 

Step into a fabulous waterfront home entwined within a rich natural landscape exclusively designed for an unparalleled experience. 

This luxurious home is designed to entertain with indoor and outdoor spaces that imbue resort-style living with modern high-class elements.  

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The staggered stepping forms of the residence become the perfect hang-out decks for sunset dinners and parties, along with a dreamy pool, harboring your privacy and overlooking Lady Bird Johnson Lake.


The gorgeous setting of Horseshoe Bay, great for lakeside activities, golf and scenic landscapes, weaves a captivating layout for Water Home. The house design takes inspiration from nautical elements that unravel in its exterior form, interior expressions, and spatial configurations. The building’s projected style with decks dramatizes as a luxury yacht, with interiors akin to a cruise ship motif. Every room carries the spirit of elite hotels with vivid character and high-class finishes, accompanied by the architecture staging a vivifying ambience.

Direct Lake


Plan Design

At its plan level, the residence trails a linear site, elongated towards the lake, with two prime levels of living space and a boat-deck level adjoining the lake. The living spaces are characterized around a central atrium, with rectilinear volumes establishing rooms that integrate private zones inward and public zones outward.    

As you drive up the road, you arrive at an entrance porchway stacked along with a 3-bay garage. Moving in, the design unravels as an open floor plan with large accordian windows capturing scenic views of the surrounding landscape. The first level embraces a central foyer, kitchen and dining, which steps into a sunken family living that further leads to an open patio and outdoor dining space, and then it levels down to a tempting plunge pool. From there, a stairway leads down to the boat/watercraft deck. An L-shaped staircase leads up the foyer to the second level, which houses a lavish and plush penthouse with a spa-style bathroom, an outdoor bath for star gazing, and a huge private patio overlooking the lake. A gym at the front, along with its own deck, faces the street. Separated by a gallery corridor are a guest suite and a guest room, with private closets and patios bestowing picturesque street views.

Site Design

Being set in a location that is renowned for golf courses, lake side parks, recreational outdoor activities and near to wineries, distilleries and breweries, the residence showcases an inviting façade with various outdoor entertainment spaces such as decks, pool, patios, fire-pit and backyard garden spaces.

Originally design to capture stunning views of a Lady Bird Lake, the plans are based upon views and the surrounding context.


With a flexible plan, the house can be located on nearly any water front lot in Horseshoe Bay.

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Exterior Features

Coupling cubic forms with deep recesses and large framed openings and awnings illustrate the exterior look of Water Home. The facades are dominantly dabbed in plain white stucco, and a centrally rising tower as a lighthouse-feature above the main door, along with a few prominent walls, are etched in grey tiles. Some of the peripheral walls of the flex room, balcony and garage stand out with wooden facings, adding a nautical theme.


Abutting the main door is a compact water feature, a soothing welcoming element that yields spellbinding refractions at night as a nod to the lake at the other end of the house.

Three Stop Elevator

Residential elevators are more than just a way to move from floor to floor. They are a valuable addition to any home that can enhance the quality of life, safety, convenience, and style of the residents. For tenants who are elderly or disabled, residential elevators can offer advantages in terms of accessibility and mobility. They can enable them to stay independent and comfortable in their homes.

With the help of an experienced architect, residential elevators can be a cost-effective option. They can free up space by removing the need for machinery rooms and they can boost the property’s value by adding appeal and functionality. In addition, residential elevators can have advanced features such as faster speed, more flexibility, horizontal movement, digital control, and magnetic levitation. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a home elevator for a long time, while recovering their construction costs with low expenses and space usage.

Modern Elevations

The residence dances with a configurational play of mass and void, defining comfortable contemporary living spaces. The entrance pathway leads to an open porch, wide and spacious like a plaza, which turns to glass-framed garage doors and the main door. Black metal framed windows massively screen the façade at every level while the abode glimmers at night through them.

A golf kart ramp runs from the left wing of the garage all the way down to the boat deck. A house that has a golf cart ramp to access a boat dock is a dream come true for boating enthusiasts. It allows homeowners to easily transport their equipment and supplies from their garage to their boat, without any hassle or delay.


From the lakeside, the projected decks are exposed as two bold white slabs floating in the air, and the glazing below them can completely open to merge indoor and outdoor areas. The plunge pool edges out into a waterfall feature, lacing an aqua wall which shimmers at night, adding a surreal effect of pool waters merging with the lake.   

Flex Space

Provided right at the entrance is a space flexible to your needs. Adjacent to the main door, with a separate entrance, the flex space is enclosed within a glazed front edifice. The room, with a dedicated restroom, has the opportunity to become a studio room, business office, theatre, additional bedroom, hobby area or entertainment space.

Ultimate Home Gym

Coming to the second level through the interior stairs, dazzled by a colossal chandelier made of minimalistic circular rings; a multi-use space to the front is curated for you to break a sweat. Exercise is an integral part of life, and a gym with state-of-the-art facilities at home inspires guests and owners to have an active and healthy lifestyle. An outdoor patio stems out from it, open for yoga activities in a nourishing environment.  

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Luxury Garage

Efficiently designed and spacious to accommodate up to three large luxury cars, the fully air-conditioned garage becomes the perfect workshop with all amenities. Prominently framed glass doors and windows are provided for natural light to seep in, along with an integrated golf cart storage with access to the golf kart ramp. Another ramp for wheelchair access leads all the way into the house.

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Motif Architects - Water Home - Penthouse Floor.jpg

Calibrated for an opulent living experience, the penthouse on the second level showcases a stunning dwelling unit. The interior convenes a plush bedroom, a fantastic spa, a cozy lounge, and a scintillating private bar/kitchenette with an accentuated vaulted ceiling for drama. The entire space, with full-length sliding glass doors, opens up to an immense outdoor deck overlooking the lake.

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Penthouse Deck

Finished in concrete tile pavers, the penthouse deck is designed to embrace the natural surroundings. Neatly organized and private from other decks, the penthouse deck seats a spacious exterior lounge with an outdoor wood-burning stove and access to an outdoor bath. Glass guardrails trace the edges of the deck, providing unobstructed views of the lake.  

Spa Bathroom

The enriching spa within the alcoves of the penthouse incorporates a sky-lit double vanity space on either side of a standing wall opposing large wardrobes. Private toilets are tagged near them. This leads to a walk-thru shower with a rain shower head to mimic rain. The outdoor open-to-sky bathtub, perfectly placed, can be accessed from the deck too.    

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Lobby Foyer

Designed to awe, the lobby foyer showcases the luxe of Water Home. The interior scheme, inspired by luxury hotels, adds an alluring vibe; hovering about an oversized fish tank, six varying terrazzo textures on the floor, a three-stop elevator and a dramatic mono-stringer staircase with frost glass and terrazzo treads.


A grand chandelier and spotlights ember a sparkling luminance across the refined lobby.   

Light House

Standing vertically at the center of the residence, clad in grey, is the elemental lighthouse. Rising above the main door, with glazed openings that radiate light dramatically at night, the expressionistic form is aimed to become an entrance beacon.


Inside, the tall elevated space adds a striking ‘wow’ factor! 

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Sunken Living Room

Stepping down from the grand foyer, with a large spatial configuration, is the sunken living room, warmed by a lively fireplace. Minimal décor and furnishings, along with white walls, grey floors, wooden cabinetry and accordian windows, instil a cozy environment for the family to gather and cherish. This space opens to an outdoor patio with unhindered views of the lake and surroundings; from there, it steps down to a stunning plunge pool.     

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Interior Features

With a neutral-themed palette and customized items, the ravishing interiors add a distinct flavour to the living experience. From a blend of floor finishes such as wood planks, polished concrete and terrazzo tiles to custom cabinets, wardrobes, shelves and racks, the interiors dab an expressive overlay, making spaces come to life. The various patterns of LED lights as spots, strips, coves and hanging chandeliers illume a sparkling aura to the inside and outside. Sequences of large windows seep in natural light from various angles, casting the interiors with dynamic tint and vigor.       

Open Plan

The open-plan composition created by Motif Architects provides interconnectedness and flexibility to every space, allowing interior elements to populate spaces in various compositions.

Be anywhere in the house, and there’s always a view!

Accordion Windows

These windows seem fascinating and serve a useful purpose. They easily remove the physical barrier, allowing these places to merge, utilizing indoors in specific spatial arrangements. Due to the lounge’s accordion windows, the indoor and outdoor areas can be seamlessly combined. Because of how the windows fold, they provide direct access from the dining room to the outside, thereby bringing the view inside and incorporating it into the design of the space.

Outdoor Spaces

Water Home weaves distinct outdoor spaces at various levels, inviting residents to engage with the lush vegetation and scenery. With noteworthy features like access to the lake, outdoor dining with a fireplace, outdoor shower, tanning level above the boat deck, and a bocce ball court, it ushers everyone to come out and ensue activities in the open air.    

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Professional Kitchen

Encompassing professional appliances within an ergonomic spatial format is the prime ingredient for this remarkable kitchen. Beyond a wine rack in the foyer, Water Home's kitchen defines a widespread linear character with an island counter and integrated seating. The modular design, inspired by nautical elements, courses onto the backsplash, counter top and cabinets, immersing them in grey and wooden shades. The kitchen also includes a butler’s pantry with cold storage. The abutting dining area can expand and open outdoors.   

Motif Architects - Water Home - Kitchen.jpg
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Focused on the Surroundings

Designing a home around its surroundings is a way of enhancing the beauty and comfort of living in harmony with nature. By capturing views of trees, landscape and water front property and lake, the home can create a sense of connection and tranquility for the residents. Trees provide shade, fresh air and aesthetic appeal, while landscape features add texture, color and diversity to the scenery. Water front property and lake offer a stunning vista of the water, as well as opportunities for recreation and relaxation. 


This home is designed to take advantage of these natural elements can enhance the quality of life and well-being of its inhabitants. With multi-tiered levels, sunken Livingroom and patio decks.. there’s always a view!

Motif Architects - Water Home - Right Section.jpg

A magnificent residence, Water Home, engages its residents to celebrate luxurious lakeside living with a heavenly backdrop!

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Mock-up Mood Boards

A material palette of white marble in combination with shades of grey stone textures in glossy, satin and matt finishes, overlaid by walnut wooden finishes, fashion a modern chic interior theme to this opulent residence. Green foliage cuddles about the built structure in various iterations such as shrubbery to large trees and grassy lawns, and a compact golf pit, enhancing the tropical landscape experience.

Virtual mood boards were created to help illustrate the material selection and other suggested combinations.

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