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Brass Buttons


New Construction 


Lakeway, Texas




Motif Architects


2,195 SF Cabin

4,795 SF Main House


  • Modernization

  • Energy Efficiency Update

  • Open Plan

  • Lakefront Propoerty


  • As-built Survey

  • Interior Design

  • Permitting

  • Construction Support

Perched along the pristine natural green-scape of Lakeway, Texas, and overlooking the mesmerising Lake Austin, dwells a stunning lakefront property, eclectic and chic in style, embracing contemporary essentials and fine-tuned for a cozy life.


Brass Buttons is an idyllic dual home, where the new one takes inspiration from its predecessor. Motif Architects re-envisioned the new dwelling, revamping the country-style architecture and integrating modern design expansions such as multiple roof and deck levels, dynamically contrasting large-linear windows, wide and projected outdoor walkways connecting both homes, and so much more. A captivating natural terrain tugs both houses, weaving a trekking path between them that trails down to a rejuvenating outdoor lawn with rich foliage, and from there, it leads to the picturesque lake.

"Woven to Wow - A Lively Lake House in a Lush Landscape"

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Minimalistic Approach 

Clean, minimalistic and modern in white, grey and brown shades vivify the interiors with a graceful charm. Geometrically articulated windows, sliding doors and fixed glazing comply even with the dwelling’s angular profile, embellishing the interior with natural light and framing panoramic views of the lake. The expansive living with a fireplace, along with an open kitchen and dining, offers an ample layout for leisure and nourishment. From the dining, the space leads to an outdoor patio.

Survey and As-Built Drawings

An as-built survey of an existing home is a process of measuring and documenting the current conditions and features of the home, such as the dimensions, locations, elevations, and utilities of the rooms, walls, doors, windows, and other elements.


An as-built survey is usually done by a professional surveyor or architect, who uses tools such as laser scanners, tape measures, cameras, and software to create accurate and detailed drawings and models of the home. The survey is useful for planning and designing renovation work, as well as for verifying compliance with building codes and regulations.

Renovation work for an existing home requires permitting and construction documentation, which are the official records and approvals of the proposed changes and improvements to the home. Permitting and construction documentation may include drawings, specifications, calculations, contracts, permits, inspections, and certificates of occupancy. These documents are prepared by the homeowner, the contractor, the architect, the engineer, and the local authorities, depending on the scope and complexity of the renovation work. Permitting and construction documentation are important for ensuring the safety, quality, and legality of the renovation work, as well as for avoiding delays, fines, and disputes.

Demolition and Renovation Drawings

Architectural demolition drawings are the plans that show the existing elements of a home that will be removed, altered, or relocated as part of the renovation work. The documents typically include floor plans, elevations, sections, and details of the home, with the elements to be demolished marked with symbols, notes, and dimensions. Architectural demolition drawings are necessary for obtaining permits, coordinating with contractors, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of the demolition process.

Documentation of new renovation work for interior and exterior of an existing home is the process of creating drawings and specifications that describe the design and construction of the new elements of the home. Renovation work may include floor plans, elevations, sections, details, schedules, and renderings of the home, with the new elements clearly indicated and annotated.


Architectural documentation of new renovation work is essential for communicating the design intent, obtaining approvals, bidding and contracting, and supervising the construction.

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Reviving the Exterior

The aesthetically stacked, laid-back dwelling abides by the undulations of the terrain and emulates it upon its exterior expression. The addition of an elevated walkway webbed in between the two homes weaves a trendy transitional space for grandkids, pets, guests and the family.


At the front, a garden-rich driveway leads to a wide garage and further leads to the other house. Along with structural stabilization, the exterior refurbishments invest in elements such as sloping roofs at various angles and levels, rough stonework on feature facades, white fibre cement board sidings on walls, latest two-way light fixtures all around and vertically mullioned black guard rails matching both homes.

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Brass Buttons - Ext 4.jpg

Lake houses are designed for a pleasurable, relaxing life, where the lake becomes a character harmonizing with your experience!

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Residential BIM 

Building Information Modeling (BIM) not only benefits the architect, it helps design coordination with other subconsultants, engineers and contractors. Select an an architect who uses BIM, otherwise you may miss out on its benefits. 


As a design firm, we take pride in the fact that our process integrates clients and their vision throughout the entire project.


To showcase the exciting design work our firm creates each day, we have a blog series to feature what we currently have ‘on the boards,’ construction progress and pro tips.

Stay tuned as we share construction progress of this exciting project. 

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