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Lakeway Lease House - Building Envelope Update 3

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Another great week of progress on the Lakeway Lease house project! The crew is wrapping up the exterior envelope and working out the final detailing around the two awnings.

More material being delivered and the site is being cleaned up for the next crew to start interior work.

Rear elevation progress
Front Awning at Patio

Due to septic field limitations, the front yard is very simple.. which maximizes the space required for the septic system. The design includes a small front patio with a wrap around awning.

Rear elevation progress
Detached garage workshop progress
Fiber Cement Board placed in Ship Lap Configuration
View to the rear of the house from the detached garage workshop

Large, oversized garage allows for multipurpose uses. Special coordination was required for framing and truss layouts. Steps were required to minimize the transition from the driveway to the garage (for low vehicles).

Progress on the front awning
Oversized three car garage
Progress on the front awning
Wood Trusses


To learn more about this exciting project, please check out our project page.

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