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Spring Update - Completed and Upcoming Projects

As spring warms up the air... flowers begin to bloom, the lake starts to (slowly) rise and folks become ready to build!

Sun tanning, enjoying the outdoors and spending as much time possible on the lake... is where you'll find us when we're not sitting behind the screen, drafting up dream homes.

We're more than excited about the season change and happy to share our recently completed and upcoming projects.


Canyon Lake Garage Expansion / Guest Suite Addition

This week, we have completed the Canyon Lake Garage Expansion Project, a two-story addition with enlarged family spaces, including a new master suite, and functionality to an existing garage - all without compromising the character of the original vacation home.

Rear elevation progress
Lease House - Family room with high ceiling and clerestory windows.


Horseshoe Bay Modern Luxury Home - Alternate Scheme

Part of our Pre-Sale Packages, our team created an alternative scheme for our Modern Luxury Home located in Horseshoe Bay. This specific client intends to develop a separate lot within the community - utilizing different building materials (interior and exterior).

Our services included material and furniture selections, photorealistic renderings and drawing exhibits.

Original Design Concept - Motif Architects
Original Design Concept - Motif Architects

Preliminary photoshop mock-up of alternative materials - Motif Architects
Preliminary photoshop mock-up of alternative materials - Motif Architects


Mansfield Dam House

Progress continues with the Mansfield Dam house.

Par of our site studies, we recently met with local authorities and utilities companies to determine the best fit for this unique project. Due to the site constraints, we carried out several meetings and held technical conversations to develop multiple schemes and discuss the best strategy moving forward.

Drone photography, topographic survey and tree designations help retain the landscaping and minimize impact to the land (which has stunning views of the Mansfield Dam).

We look forward to progressing into schematic design within the next couple of weeks.

Site planning is critical to a successful project.
Site planning is critical to a successful project.


Water Home - Horseshoe Bay

Very excited.. VERY EXCITED.. to announce that we are moving forward with the "Water Home" - a luxury modern home right on the Lyndon B. Johnson Lake (LBJ). That's right.. another lake house - a Motif Architects' specialty service.

More details to come soon. In the meantime, check out some of our specialized services, including Lake Houses.

The future site of "Water Home" - Horseshoe Bay
The future site of "Water Home" - Horseshoe Bay


Crazyhorse - Lakeway Estate

As part of our extended services to a repeat client, we are planning to start design work on a new, three story modern estate in the Lakeway area.

This specific site has challenging topography, however the counters provide amazing sunset views.

Surround by newly developed modern homes, this $1.4m (approx.) home will showcase a separate auxiliary dwelling (mother-in-law suite, office or apartment), large garage space for boat / recreational vehicles and a pool that overlooks the valley below.

Drone image of site - located in Lakeway Texas.
Drone image of site - located in Lakeway Texas.

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