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Canyon Lake and Big Horn - Promo Videos

Sharing 2 of 4 new promotional videos of our past and current projects... Canyon Lake Hill Country Modern and Big Horn - Lake Austin Home

Part of our summer campaign, we are creating a series of videos that will help capture our design ability and showcase our visualization, through the process of BIM modeling.


Canyon Lake - Hill Country Modern Home

Waterproofing and Grade Beams
Rendering of Horseshoe Bay - Modern Luxury Estate

"A home designed to take your breath away. An unparalleled, spectacular and all-encompassing villa at Canyon Lake, Texas, is an abode beyond imagination."

Nestled in nature with 4460 sq. ft of living space, it includes four plush bedrooms, four relaxing baths, office space and enlivening outdoor spaces. Architecturally, the rustic finished house integrates strategic volumes, along with an array of slope roofs stacked in various elevated configurations.

Innovative smart home features, audio-video systems for entertainment, built-in grills, marble counters, oak flooring, and limestone veneer accent walls are a few intricate ingredients incorporated into the project.

Big Horn - Lake Austin waterfront Home

Motif Architects Austin Texas Horseshoe Bay Luxury Home
Rendering of Horseshoe Bay - Modern Luxury Estate

"With stunning views all around, Put on your bathing suite and dive right into the lake”"

The floor plan follows a rectilinear composition, with prime areas facing exterior views, while services and baths bind the central hub. The crisp geometry followed in the design, neatly spaced and aligned to contours on site, defines a contemporary aesthetic that focuses on feasibility and adaptability.

The residence rises three floors, each with a separate outdoor deck looking towards the lake. The bridge connects to the ground level, which houses a patio that opens into a music studio and an office space. A driveway runs in from the apex of the hill, connecting to the first level, towards a spacious three-car garage with an auxiliary space for a golf cart or a small sports car. An expansive double-height living space cum an open island kitchen with all modern facilities dwell on this level with classic elegance; plush white and lightwood themed interiors.

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