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Lakeway Lease House - Caulk And Paint Pt. 1

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Burrrr! After a very cold, icy winter storm.. construction continues with the Lakeway Lease house. The race is on, to complete the exterior envelope which will allow roofing and electrical to push forward.

We also refer to this stage as "dried in", which is basically how it sounds.. the interior area is somewhat protected, thus allowing progress with the interior construction to push forward (protection from the weather).

Also, were happy to learn that recent inspections are now allowing Electrical to move forward and a majority of the plumbing / mechanical rough-in is now complete!

Rear elevation progress
Back of Lease House (temporary awning support)

Color Studies

As part of the design development package, we studied several color and material combinations for the exterior design. This included ordering several sample products and color swatches. A few examples are found below.

We're a big fan of exhibits and studies. Its part of our design process. Not only do exhibits help our clients, contractors and review boards visualize design options - it also assist in the final outcome of each project.

Rear elevation progress
View to the rear of the house from the detached garage workshop
Fiber Cement Board placed in Ship Lap Configuration
View to the rear of the house from the detached garage workshop

With help from the contractor, the owner decided to paint a majority of the house Sherwin Williams Adobe Sand (looks slightly darker in these photos due to the overcast sky) along with an accent color (TBD).

As an additional service, Motif offers material and finish selections.

Progress on the front awning
House single car garage
Progress on the front awning
Overall view of the site

Why BIM modeling is critical

BIM is an acronym for “Building Information Modeling”. BIM is a process for working collaboratively in designing and building from one utilized database and model. BIM offers a real representation, digitally, of a facility and it’s systems. These systems include HVAC, electrical and aesthetics like walls, roofs and windows.

BIM is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to update and create building designs. We use 3D BIM modeling for every single project, regardless of size (read more here). A specific example is the roof cricket shown below. Coordination was required between the trades to ensure proper drainage is provided on a roof-to-wall condition.

Schematic Mechanical Plan
Roof cricket

Crickets are triangular structures designed to divert water away from areas of a roof that may collect water. In residential roofing, we tend to think of chimneys as the prime example.


Big Horn Update

Not much movement on the Big Horn site this month, however much work is happening in the background. The contractor is soliciting bids for the excavation, retaining walls, piers, foundation work. We have also seen inquiries on the elevator, fire suppression system and window package.

The owner is pushing forward with the boat dock design (which most Lake Austin consultants will not start design until a permit is in place - due to the restrictions) and steel bridge that will connect to the future pool / casita area.

We are ecstatic to see movement on this stunning three-story lake house and look forward to sharing construction updates in the upcoming month.

Drone footage of Big Horn
Drone footage of Big Horn


Motif Growth Update

We're excited to announce... we are looking at office space! In the near future (no date set just yet) Motif will lease out an office space in the Lakeway area for in-person consultations, design reviews and contractor / vendor coordination.

Ideally, we still plan to work remote.. however we find that a small conference space is more ideal for some of our larger, more complexed projects.

Updates to come soon! In the meantime, we still offer in person meetings, either at the project site, virtually or a shared office space (WeWork) in the greater Hill Country area.

Handmade wood sign


To learn more about this exciting project, please check out our project page.

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