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Lakeway Lease House - Framing Update 1

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Continuation of the first week of framing on the Lakeway Lease house project! We're always amazed on the speed of framing.

Did you know? Most residential architects provide foundation and framing plans?

That's right, some firms provide additional drawings to assist with the structural design. However, we at Motif prefer to outsource this work to a licensed engineer, who has years of education, training and considered a professional in their specific field.

Even though architects have education and "some" training with structural calculations, we are by far from being experts. If the house doesn't have a great foundation and "bones" from the start, its on the path of being unsuccessful from the beginning.

House Framing
House Framing

House Framing - Garage
House Framing - Garage

Shown below are laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams that help support the large span of framing over the garage doors. The framing engineer specifies the dimension and quantiles within the framing plans. This information will be reviewed by the building material supplier, which ultimately becomes shop drawings for a purchase order.

The builder orders the supplies (along with the truss) to be delivered on site.

Detached Workshop Garage Framing
Detached Workshop Garage Framing


To learn more about this exciting project, please check out our project page.

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