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Lakeway Lease House - Mobilization and Site Update

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Mobilization refers to the initial stage of a construction project where preparations occur onsite prior to the commencement of any work. At this point in a project, the contractor has been selected and building plans have typically been approved by the governing municipality.

For most residential construction projects, the following tasks may be associated with the site mobilization stage of a project (Requirements differ between municipalities):

  • Tree protection fence installation

  • Silt fence installation

  • Site safety fence installation

  • Site toilet

  • Delivery of machinery

  • Dumpster Delivery

  • Map out location for future soil stockpile onsite

  • Display all required work permits on site as per municipal requirements

Below are pictures recently taken of our Lease House project in Lakeway.

After Site Clearing and Rough Grading

Site clearing typically involves the removal of non-protected trees as well as other vegetation and structures such as sheds, decks, carports and other detached structures located on the building lot.

Foundation Stake Out and String Lines

A survey company (or sub-contractor) will visit the site to "stake or pin" out the foundation corners. This temporary structure allows for guide lines (the pink strings in this case) to be laid out.

Foundation Stake Out and String Lines

At this point, the site topography and contours really become evident. At first glance, this specific lot appears to be relatively flat in nature... however, their is nearly 4ft in elevation change from the front - to - back of the house alone.

Temporary Power

Temporary power is installed on site to support construction activity.


To learn more about this exciting project, please check out our project page.

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