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Lakeway Lease House - Mechanical and Plumbing Rough-in

Work is progressing quickly, as we enjoy these warmer days of January. Today we snapped a few pictures of the mechanical and plumbing rough-ins.

With a majority of the building envelope is completed - the contractor is can now allow additional sub-contractors to work in parallel and advanced the overall construction schedule.

In best effort to complete the building envelope before the rain season, plumbing is being installed, including stack vents which will allow the roofers to waterproof the roof, prior to laying down the composite roof shingles.

Rear elevation progress
Front Awning at Patio

Our drawings typically call out all roof penetrations to be consolidated.. to 1) minimize water proofing and potential leaks and 2) aesthetics from the street and level 2 (this particular house has windows on level 2 that have views of the lower roof).

From years and years practicing mission critical projects, we understand the importance of a solid, leak proof roof... and carry that experience over to our residential projects.

Rear elevation progress
Detached garage workshop progress
Fiber Cement Board placed in Ship Lap Configuration
View to the rear of the house from the detached garage workshop

Shallow, shed roofs sometimes require side wall ducts and mechanical shafts, to allow for supply / return duct routing. Below are images of continuous multi-level mechanical shaft, that allows flex duct to not only route thru rooms, but also allow to routing between levels and the attic space.

Progress on the front awning
Ground Floor Mechanical Shaft
Progress on the front awning
Level 2 Mechanical Shaft

Part of our standard service, includes schematic mechanical plans for the contractor to coordinate with other trades. Our drawings are considered "conceptual" in nature, to allow final selection of equipment, materials and accessories by the contractor.

Since we practice architecture and not engineering.. we delegate the final design to the contractor.

Schematic Mechanical Plan
Schematic Mechanical Plan

Modeling the ducts in 3D helps with coordination of routing. In the example below, you can see the duct are required to route thru a gypsum furr-down (shown below in red), due to the high shed roof in the living room and the shed roof in the primary bedroom (no other way to bring a duct across the house). Our model coordination assists with these type of conflicts and allows easy communication to the contractor.


To learn more about this exciting project, please check out our project page.

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