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Mid Summer Update - Completed and Upcoming Projects

Summer is typically a busy season for us, as we work hard to deliver high-quality design solutions for our clients. In this update, we want to share some of our completed projects, projects under design and future work.

We are proud to announce that we have completed several projects in the past few months, including a water front project in Horseshoe Bay - coined "Water Home" (renderings and project description coming very soon), master planning for a new Lakeway Luxury RV & Boat Storage in Lakeway, schematic / design development of our Brass Buttons project, and near completion of our Mansfield Dam Lake House project

These projects showcase our expertise in creating sustainable, functional and beautiful spaces that enhance the quality of life for the users and the community.

Looking ahead, we have some exciting new projects in the pipeline that will start soon. These includes the planning, design and construction administration of a new Office Park project (12 buildings in total) in Bee Caves, a potential modern church in Spicewood and a new Golf Prairie Villa in Horseshoe Bay. These projects demonstrate our ability to address complex challenges and opportunities with innovative and context-sensitive design strategies.

We hope you enjoyed this update and we look forward to sharing more news and insights with you in the future. Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.


Canyon Lake Garage Expansion / Guest Suite Addition

Under Construction: A two-story garage / workshop addition with a three bedroom apartment, including a new master suite, and functionality to an existing garage - all without compromising the character of the original vacation home.

Rear elevation progress
Canyon Lake Workshop Expansion - Motif Architects


Canyon Lake Hill Country Modern Home

Under Construction: The luxurious hill country home showcases a modern expression of country-style architecture in a tranquil setting, with remarkable spatial zones-indoor and outdoor.

Nestled in nature with 4460 sq. ft of living space, it includes four plush bedrooms, four relaxing baths, office space and enlivening outdoor spaces. Architecturally, the rustic finished house integrates strategic volumes, along with an array of slope roofs stacked in various elevated configurations.

Preliminary photoshop mock-up of alternative materials - Motif Architects
Canyon Lake Modern Country Home - Motif Architects


Mansfield Dam House

Final Documentation & Engineering: The primary objective was to create a cost-efficient home that can support a client who spends their free time in a workshop and has a future family in mind.

This modern project located on a hill next to Lake Austin. The project displays as a bold, modern hill country home that harmonizes with the surrounding nature. The metal standing seam roof lines are organized in tiers and slopes, to mimic the terrain and give a dynamic impression to the house.

We look forward to progressing into the final engineering and construction drawings within the next few weeks.

Site planning is critical to a successful project.
Mansfield Dam (Cloudy Ridge) Lake Home - Motif Architects


Water Home - Horseshoe Bay

Renderings and Description Coming Soon: The "Water Home" - a luxury modern home right on the Lyndon B. Johnson Lake (LBJ). Another lake house - a Motif Architects' specialty service.

More details to come soon. In the meantime, check out some of our specialized services, including Lake Houses.

The future site of "Water Home" - Horseshoe Bay
The future site of "Water Home" - Horseshoe Bay


Brass Buttons Renovation

In Design Phase: Built in 1980's, the home sits almost 200 ft above the tranquil headwaters of Lake Austin nestled in a grove of old oaks. The three story house is located on the edge of the bluff, in order to capture views of the surrounding hills & the waterfront area created to capture the beauty of the crystal clear waters of Lake Austin.

The waterfront is located at the lowest area of the property, accessed by stone stairs or a short golf cart drive down to the lake via a gated private entrance.

Drone image of site - located in Lakeway Texas.
Drone image of site - located in Lakeway Texas.


Lakeway Luxury RV & Boat Storage

Master Planning: The design features multiple awnings and canopies for buses, RVs, and large trailers. These structures provide shade and protection from the sun, rain, and hail for the vehicles and their owners. The awnings and canopies are made of durable and lightweight metal and supported by steel columns. The design also has the ability to incorporate solar panels on the roofs to generate renewable energy for the facility.

The parking lot of the facility is stepped to follow the contours of the existing topography. This design minimizes the need for grading and retaining walls, and preserves the natural drainage patterns of the site.


Bee Caves Office Park

Site Planning and Schematic Design: We are currently planning and designing a 12 building office park in Bee Caves. The project will utilize a prototype building, that will house 12-24 tenants near Lake Travis Middle School.

Architectural site planning is the process of analyzing and organizing the site conditions, opportunities and constraints for a proposed development project. It involves studying the site context, topography, climate, vegetation, circulation, utilities, zoning and regulations, as well as the client’s program, budget and schedule. The goal of site planning is to create a site layout that optimizes the site potential, responds to the site challenges and meets the project objectives.

Schematic design is the phase of design development that translates the site plan into a preliminary architectural concept. It involves exploring and testing different design alternatives, such as massing, form, orientation, materials, fenestration and roof shape. The goal of schematic design is to establish a clear and coherent design direction that satisfies the functional, aesthetic and technical requirements of the project.


West Caves - Dripping Springs Renovation

Under Construction: Home renovation in the Texas Hill Country can be a rewarding and challenging project for homeowners who want to create their own dream space. Whether it’s updating the kitchen, adding a deck, or transforming the bathroom, there are many ways to customize and improve your home.

However, home renovation also requires a lot of planning, preparation, and skill. Some homeowners, like our client in Dripping Springs, may choose to self-perform some or all of the work, depending on their budget, time, and expertise. Not only is it difficult to find good contractors.. its also challenging to find good material. Thus, some clients prefer to self preform and procure building materials on their own.

Self-performing work can save money and give you more control over the outcome, but it also comes with risks and responsibilities. You also need to be realistic about your abilities and limitations, and know when to hire a professional contractor for help. This project has a nice mixture of work between the owner and contractor.

We are amazed each and every time we visit West Caves. Not only does the owner work with an independent contractor (literally a two man crew).. the quality is top notch. The finishes and fixtures selection, along with their attention to detail and craftsmanship is outstanding.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more progress this summer!


Lakeway Lease House

Under Construction: Just a few weeks ago, flat work was completed and fencing continues. Electrical work and misc. finishes are underway, as we approach the finish line. Within the next couple of weeks, landscaping, fixtures and finishes will complete the Lakeway Lease house Project.

The project is near completed and will be turnover to the owner soon.

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